Geeking Out with Podcasts

January 23, 2014 — Leave a comment

My commute to work, like many others in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, is a long one.  After years of sticking to music or local news radio as a distraction during the drive, I finally decided to give podcasts a try (always late to the party, but better late than never).  In the past couple of months, I’ve started listening to several virtualization/VMware/tech podcasts on a regular basis.  Like Twitter, it’s another great way to keep current on the latest tech trends and hear what peers and experts have to say.  Here is a short list of the podcasts I’ve listened to so far.  I’ll probably be updating this list as time goes on or creating a new “Podcasts” tab on my site to keep track of the podcasts I enjoy listening to.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast, John Mark Troyer, Mike Laverick –  This was the first podcast I checked out, and I can see why it’s so popular!  Listen to the latest from the VMware perspective. Still trying to catch it live…

VUPaaS (Virtualization User Podcast as a Service), Gurusimran “GS” Khalsa, Chris Wahl, Josh Atwell –  This is an awesome, newer podcast.  It’s really easy to relate to the discussions from a Sys Admin point of view.  Very technical and useful info. For example, after hearing GS mention “The Phoenix Project”, I ended up reading this IT novel about DevOps over the holidays.  Was also led to the “Packet Pushers” podcast after it was mentioned in one of the episodes.

Adapting IT, Lauren Malhoit –  Great conversations about tech!  Relatable and very easy to listen to.  It’s also great to see a podcast that is showcasing women in IT.

Geek Whisperers, John Mark Troyer, Amy Lewis, Matthew Brender –  This is an interesting podcast and  it provides perspectives about Social Media and tech that are new to me.

Packet Pushers, Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks –  Listening to what those Network folks talk about.  No, I’m not a Network Engineer, so some of the conversation flies above my head.  But I’m always interested in getting the big picture when it comes to datacenter infrastructure, and it helps to get familiar with the network technologies and terms that are being discussed.  I found the two part deep dive on OTV to be very interesting.

vSoup, Christian Mohn, Chris Dearden, Ed Czerwin- – One more podcast I checked out after listening to VUPaaS (thanks again GS).

If there are other tech podcasts that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment.  Would also like to start listening to some non-tech podcasts, as time allows….

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