VMUG #FeedForward Program

April 29, 2014 — Leave a comment

If you are a VMware user and have not checked out your local VMUG, I highly encourage you to check out an event in your area (www.vmug.com).  It’s a great way to connect with other users in the VMware community and hear about the latest products/solutions from vendors.

They have recently launched a new program called FeedForward.  Mike Laverick, who has been promoting this initiative in the community, has a blog post about it here:  http://www.mikelaverick.com/2014/04/coming-now-feedforward/.  It’s a mentoring program for users who are interested in sharing a presentation at a VMUG event.  While encouraging users to share with others in the VMUG, the program also provides users with an opportunity to hear feedback on their presentation before sharing it with others.  It’s great to see an initiative that would help support and drive user participation, since I found this to be lacking in my own limited experience attending VMUGs.  Sure, hearing from vendors is important, but it is extremely helpful to hear directly from other admins and engineers who are using the technology in the field (the good and the bad!).  After all, why spend unnecessary time trying to “reinvent the wheel” when there may be others out there that have encountered similar issues.

Full Disclosure: I’ve never presented or co-presented at a VMUG, and unfortunately due to upcoming obligations, it looks like I won’t be able to volunteer anytime soon. However, it’s definitely something I would consider in the future, and I’ll definitely blog here about my experience if that happens.

If you are interesting in presenting at a VMUG or being a mentor, you can sign up at the following page:  http://www.vmug.com/feedforward.

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