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Last year, I stumbled upon a great post from VCDX/vExpert Blogger Chris Wahl about the steps required to upgrade firmware in a HP C7000 BladeSystem using HP SUM.  This is a simple option for updating the Onboard Administrators (OA), Virtual Connects (VC), or iLO firmware in an HP C7000 Blade enclosure.  However, after several months of using HP SUM to update enclosures, I noticed something strange.

The Issue:

HP SUM was no longer discovering the Virtual Connect modules in any of my enclosures when using the OAs as targets.  The rest of the enclosure components were being discovered just fine, and since the VCs were being discovered via the OA in HP SUM before, I wondered…what changed?

I confirmed that I could add the VCs separately as targets in HP SUM successfully.   I also confirmed that the behavior was seen when using various versions of HP SUM, including the October 2012 SPP release and the February 2013 SPP release.

The Cause:

After a bit of troubleshooting with HP, the cause was identified:  When a “Virtual Connect Domain IP Address” has been enabled for a Virtual Connect Domain, the VCs are no longer discovered when using the OA as a target.  If “Virtual Connect Domain IP Address” was unchecked, HP SUM was again able to discover the VCs by using the OA as a target.  Supposedly, a fix for this bug will be included in a future release of HP SUM.  Until then, a workaround of temporarily disabling the setting of adding the VCs separately in HP SUM can be used.